About US

We are two people brought together by our shared love of photography and we believe that photography allows us to capture moments and let them live forever. A good photograph transports us back in time and lets us feel the same emotions all over again.

Our style of photography is natural and relaxed; greatly inspired by film photography, thus incorporating the vintage film style into our digital photographs, and we love shooting with those who share and appreciate our aesthetics. We believe that every couple has a unique love story and we want to be the ones to help them tell it.

Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our photography or just to say hi - we love meeting new people!





Isa & Shein's Garden Merisik Ceremony
On a Bed of Roses: Merlvyn & Joy's Engagement

10,000 Red Petals : Merlvyn & Joy's Engagement

Desiderata Vol. 4 Magazine Cover
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