A look back at our 2014

It looks like we’re a little late, but there are still a few days left for January to roll into February so technically we’re still basking in the new year mood aren’t we? I have finally been able to clear my mind and go through all our photo archives to pick out what I feel best summed up our year. 2014 was one of those years that I think I’ll never forget, with us taking our photography freelance in February and having a portfolio and space to call our own and showcase our work.

2014 was awesome for these reasons:

  • Wilson finally went full-frame, something that he has wanted to do for a long time.
  • We started shooting analogue and added 3 cameras to our family within the space of one year! Not to mention we shot well over 30 rolls of film.
  • We booked our first engagement and wedding client this very year.
  • We had our photo featured on the cover of Desiderata Magazine, as well as a selection of our analogue photographs published in their café directory segment. There is no better feeling than seeing your photos in print media.
  • We met so many new people and made new friends and acquaintances: from our clients, to instagrammers, to fellow film shooters, to baristas and café owners.
  • We travelled to Orlando and New York City (my dream destination and one of Wilson’s favourite cities in the whole world) for a wonderful holiday with Wilson’s family, where I had my first ever experience with single digit winter temperatures! Note: couldn't include the photos in this post because we're not done yet.

The past year, I realized how many people had unending support, encouragement and kind words for us, and especially those who helped me through my down times and celebrated with me during my up times. Only this morning I read a very meaningful and applicable comic strip on Zen Pencils (love them) –

“So you’ve decided to be an artist. Congratulations, or should I say... commiserations?   You’re in for a lifetime of uncertainty. Family, friends, lovers – be prepared to lose them. This road can be a lonely one. Don’t worry, you’ll make new acquaintances – their names are ‘anxiety’, ‘fear’, and ‘self-doubt’. They’ll be by your side forever. Through every embarrassment and rejection, they are there, whispering in your ear: ‘you’re not good enough’. But don’t let me scare you. The decision was never yours to make. After all, you don’t choose your calling, the calling chooses you.”

It has only been a year and I won’t pretend that the road was a bed of roses, but with the support and encouragement of our friends and family, it was made easier. Thank you to all of you who have been with us from the beginning of our journey, and thank you also to our clients of the past year who put their faith in us to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. We hope we did them justice and that you will look back on these photos and smile at the memory of them.

PS. We shot a lot of personal work on a mixture of film and digital (if you know us, you'll know that our cameras are attached to our hips) as well this year so watch out for those after the wedding work!


This year, of course we hope to be able to capture more emotions, laughter, and tears.
We also want to explore our photography in different ways, improve on our compositions and ability to see light from different perspectives.

To (hopefully) travel more, expand our horizons and experience different places and cultures.
To work with more couples and build lasting friendships and relationships with them.
To expand our brand and learn the business side of things, how best to market ourselves, get business cards out there, the whole nine.
To meet with and potentially collaborate with the new friends we have met last year.

And finally, doing this as a couple has definitely been a challenging process for us. I joke to friends all the time that we fight more about our business nowadays than we do about our relationship, but that’s what makes us grow as a couple and understand each other better as friends, as partners and as lovers. We would never trade these experiences for anything else in the world. Here’s to another great year ahead with each other, and with you.