Home, again

It's been a long hiatus on this space, but we're finally back from our two week stint in the States! I find that the longer the holiday, the harder it is for me to adjust back to routine and the post-holiday syndrome feels much worse. Going back to the routine of a desk job and having to deal with people I don't really fancy is always tough, and I'll definitely be having a mini depression cloud hanging over my head for the next few weeks while I adjust.
Also, the jet lag this time round is terrible and I'm being forced to stay awake by my mum (good intentions as I need to adjust quickly before starting work on Monday) so I'm basically feeling really shitty as I'm typing this right now. 

Anyway, before I dive into the delicious pile of photo editing - one of the things I look forward to the most - here's some updates and thoughts on our trip (word heavy):

  1. Most notably for me, I fell quite sick during the first week of our travels when we were in Orlando. I think I caught some sort of bacteria before I left and ended up hacking up copious amounts of phlegm the first couple of days to everyone's alarm. Luckily, Wilson's parents had the foresight to pack along some antibiotics or else I really didn't know what I would do.
    The thing about the USA is that if you don't have health insurance, getting medical assistance can be really expensive. Also, pharmacies are unlike the ones here in KL who can sell you pretty much anything you ask for. Over there, without a prescription you won't be able to buy anything that is over-the-counter. Basically I knew what medicines I needed but nobody would sell me anything because I didn't have a prescription and the worst feeling in the world is being sick and not being able to buy medication to heal yourself. Not a fun experience at all.
  2. Because I was so sick, I couldn't shop properly and didn't enjoy myself in Disneyland at all, which is such a shame because we took a 30 hour flight to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios but I ended up being too groggy and depressed to even take many photos.
  3. I lugged 10 rolls of film and my A-1 all the way across the globe but ended up barely using it, which is something I really really regret! It ended up being too heavy for us to carry so many cameras around the whole day, so we made a decision to stick with digital instead due to it's versatility.
  4. Weather in Orlando is crazy dry - the driest winter weather I've experienced so far (I thought Gold Coast was dry). Not only that, it's incredibly sunny in the day with no cloud cover, and gets pretty cold at night so it was pretty confusing to dress for this kind of weather. Also, drivers in Florida are as reckless and rude as drivers in KL. And I thought Americans were supposed to be more polite and law abiding???
  5. Chinese food in NYC is super good! We stayed in Flushing, which is the Chinatown of Queens and almost all of the Chinese food that we had during our stay was amazing (especially the Szechuan cuisine which had this totally amazing pork fried with chilli and leek). Also, we had so much lobster this trip that I think my craving for lobsters has been cured for the next 2 years or so. 
  6. I loved NYC - weather and all - especially all the pre-war buildings in the city. I only wished that KL had more of this beautiful architecture in the city. I know we have those gorgeous colonial buildings but those are only major landmarks and are still few and far between in comparison.
  7. Both mine and Wilson's check in luggage did not arrive in KL the same time that we did. As of now we have no idea where it is, but hopefully the luggage was only delayed as the flight we took from NY to London was so overbooked that we even got upgraded from economy to super economy seats on British Airways. Crossing my fingers hoping that our stuff will arrive real soon because all the winter/cold weather clothing that I own is in my bag, and we have another 3 pairs of shoes in Wilson's luggage. 

There are four days left until the end of 2014 and these four days are going to be busy busy busy. Two weeks worth of backlog to finish up at work, wedding photos to deliver before the year closes, and hopefully I'll be able to do up a 2014 year in review and 2015 resolutions blog post in time before we ring in the New Year!

With luck, maybe I'll be too busy to feel too terrible about coming back to reality. Watch this space for more updates!