Justin and Chee Fong tie the knot


Hair & Makeup: Hebe Leng Studio 
Venue: Mon't Kiara & SS2 Mall

Every wedding is almost the same, but vastly different at the same time thanks largely to the bride and groom who put an unique spin on their big day, and the friends and family who help to make it special and full of joy and laughter. Having not been able to meet both Justin and Chee Fong together prior to the wedding due to their busy schedules, we turned up at 7 am on the day of the wedding with just an itinerary in hand and going our separate ways into the bride and groom's respective households.
One thing we’ve been incredibly lucky with so far is how welcoming all the families have been, inviting us into their homes, letting us shoot away and going out of their way to help make our job easier by offering help or food and drinks. Chee Fong’s brother-in-law and their friends helped move a rather large and hefty-looking wooden cot out of the master bedroom at my request which allowed me to shoot Chee Fong waiting for Justin in the best possible light in the apartment.

After the morning ceremony, Wilson and I rushed off to prepare the same day edit slideshow as quickly as we could – the SDE slideshow part of the wedding day is always the most stressful for us – but all the tension and stress melted away when we saw how much the smile on the couple’s faces when they relived the fun moments in the morning, and especially when the crowd broke into applause once the slideshow ended. We live for moments like these. :)

Here’s wishing the newlyweds a wonderful married life and thank you for your trust in us on your wedding day!