The love of Merlvyn and Joy: Behind the scenes

Some of my favourite moments in engagement shoots are the moments of preparation; where the bride gets her makeup done in anticipation of the day ahead, and I get to watch a look come together. For Merlvyn and Joy's engagement shoot, Joy got her A-team together: Ckay who we have worked with countless times and her senior from makeup school to put her look together. 

Also, Joy's best friend Tsze showed up to help out on the day and we are so thankful to have her; helping us arrange the props; position the ladders and the most helpful part - telling us which was Joy's good side and whether or not she would approve of a certain photo. :P

We have some more photos from Joy's actual wedding day to share but we'll have to wait for their official photographer to deliver the photos before we can share ours. Watch this space for those!