The love of Merlvyn & Joy


Hair: Ckay Liow
Makeup: Cat Yeong

About a month before their wedding, Merlvyn and Joy commissioned us to do a formal pre-wedding shoot for them as they had already done their casual portraits in Minnesota (so jealous!!). Originally, the idea was to shoot against the backdrop of one of Joy's family friend's bungalow, but in the end, Joy - very unconventionally, like that your dad said at the wedding! - decided to have an editorial style shoot in their new house, complete with gold spray-painted ladders and hundreds of rose petals on the floor.
This concept was definitely an experience for us as we have never done a portrait shoot like this before, and the lack of backdrop pushed us to explore new compositions and framing possibilities. As usual, we had great fun thanks to the team who worked tirelessly on making sure Merlvyn & Joy's hair and makeup were perfect, and Tsze who stayed with us throughout the shoot helping out! The whole team had done countless shoots with Joy, now we were doing one for her!

Exactly one year and five months ago, Merlvyn asked us to photograph his proposal to Joy and here we are; they have just said their vows and tied the knot this weekend! Little did they know that their proposal shoot was one of the first shoots that helped us to discover that photography was something that we had a passion for. Over the years as our little venture grew, both of them have been incredibly supportive and encouraging of us. We owe so much to the both of them, and Joy has picked me up when I was at a low point and helped me see that there was something to be thankful and happy about. 
Merlvyn and Joy are such a wonderful couple, wonderful friends, wonderful people and will be a wonderful husband and wife team too. Thank you for giving us the honour of sharing so many moments with you guys, and for letting us shoot you in your gorgeous wedding attire. We love you guys, and congratulations once again.

P.S Stay tuned for some behind the scenes at the shoot, and some photos that I shot sneakily on their wedding day!

Film photos shot on Fuji Pro 400H with EOS 3, scanned and developed by Bang Bang Geng.