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f r e q u e n t l y   a s k e d   q u e s t i o n s

what do i need to do to confirm the date of the shoot/package that i want to take up?

The date of your shoot will be blocked and confirmed upon receiving a 50% deposit from the total package price chosen.

Please do take note that confirmation is based upon receipt of deposit and not on the date of enquiry. 

when do i have to make the balance of payment?

You are required to make the balance payment within one (1) week after the date of the shoot.

can we choose to have an assistant photographer?

We are currently only available for projects with a single photographer. However, there may be an option for an assistant photographer in the future as we look to expand our team.

do all packages come with montages?

For pre-wedding packages, we will require you to inform us in advance if you'd like to have a montage to show on the day of the wedding.

For actual day packages, in order for the montage to be completed on the same day for the wedding dinner, we will require a minimum of 5 continuous hours to have it prepared. If time is insufficient, the montage will be delivered to you upon completion of final images.

do we need to meet up before the shoot?

That is entirely up to you! If you feel that there are things you want to discuss with us - to determine the creative aspect of the shoot, or to brief us on the actual day of your wedding - feel free to make an appointment to have a drink and sit down with us. 

For actual day bookings, we would appreciate a detailed itinerary and contacts at least one month leading up to the wedding for us to plan our logistics.

Do also take note that we are natural light photographers and do not use any flash units. If your event will be taking place in an exceptionally dimly lit environment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

when can we expect our photos to be delivered after the shoot?

All photos require a timeline for editing and touch up, the delivery time for photos after the shoot will be 2-3 months.

i noticed that a make-up artist is not included in your package. Do you know anyone who can do our hair and make-up prior to the shoot?

Yes we do! We have contacts for professional hair and make-up, so do let us know if you need arrangements for hair and make-up prior to the shoot.

if my wedding/pre-wedding shoot exceeds the specific coverage time in the package, will there be any additional costs?

Overtime surcharges of RM450/hour for both pre-wedding and actual day packages are applicable should you exceed the coverage hours stipulated.

i don't need so many hours of coverage for my pre-wedding shoot. do you have any other packages for shorter shoots?

We charge an hourly rate of RM500 should you decide to do your shoot on an hourly basis (with a minimum of 2 hours). Feel free to discuss with us so that we can tailor a package specifically for your needs.

What sort of editing is included in the packages?

Minor colour, brightness, contrast, artist black and white conversion and sometimes minor blemish removals will be adjusted on each photograph that will not detract from the image. However, we do not do any sort of extensive face or body re-touching as we believe in maintaining your most natural selves in each and every image.

Do we get the raw unedited images back?

No, it is not our policy to provide unfinished work to our clients. We make sure only high quality and personally selected images are returned back to our clients.

will there be a watermark on the photos you deliver to me?

No, the images delivered to you will be free of any logo or watermark so that the images are suitable for printing.

do you do family/couple/maternity photo shoots?

Yes, we do! We provide a variety of photography services, including portrait, lifestyle, and food photography. To find out more, do contact us!

are you available to shoot on weekdays?

We might be able to slot you in despite us having other commitments during the weekdays. Feel free to ask us on our availability and we will do our best to make it for your special day!