brush calligraphy workshops

Do yo love playing with colours and want to try something new and fun? Join Sharon & Joy as we explore the vibrant world of brush calligraphy!

We'll explore the many possibilities of brush calligraphy - starting with basic drills, letterforms, and then we'll spice everything up with lots of colour! This class will help you learn the ropes of both felt-tip brush pens and water-brush pens for creating beautiful works of lettering art.

You will also be introduced to various techniques to blend colours together for ombre effect, and learn how to create a gradient effect using felt-tip brush pens.


Course Outline:

Word Practice
Gradients with felt-tip pens
Ombre with water-brush pens

this class includes:

3 hours of guidance by two instructors
Take-home Curated Brush Calligraphy Kit:

Worksheet booklet printed on marker and watercolour paper
1 Waterbrush Pen
1 set of Brush Pens
Light drinks and refreshments


Workshop fee: RM240.00
Location: Cziplee Bangsar


Terms and Conditions:

  • Slots are only confirmed once full payment has been made.
  • Please try to be punctual to the workshop so as not to inconvenience other participants.
  • In the case that you are late to arrive at the workshop or unable to attend the workshop due to any circumstances, we will not be obliged to wait for you to arrive to start the workshop, nor provide you with a refund.
    However, we will leave the workshop kit at Cziplee for you to collect at your convenience.
  • If you would like someone to replace your slot, do inform us or Cziplee (ask@cziplee.com) at least 2 working days in advance.


About the Instructors

Sharon and Joy are seekers of all things colourful, unique, and sometimes downright quirky! The both of us bonded over our love for uncovering beauty in our everyday lives. We've always been huge fans  of calligraphy and lusted  after beautiful lettering on Instagram. We finally decided to take the plunge and embark on a lettering journey together, and we've never looked back since. 
Calligraphy is incredibly therapeutic to the both of us  and we've loved creating beauty from watercolours and a pen. The journey into calligraphy and lettering has been amazing - we have learned so much more about each other, so much more about this traditional art form, and  been welcomed into an amazing community of calligraphers - both local and abroad.

In their free time, both Sharon and Joy enjoy crafting and journalling.